American Diabetes Association and HMAA on preventing gestational diabetes

Helping mom and baby stay healthy during pregnancy

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Gestational diabetes not only affects pregnant women, but can also put baby at risk for other complications. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson spoke with Kourtney Inoue from the American Diabetes Association of Hawaii to learn more about the condition.

Inoue explains that sometimes women develop a glucose intolerance or decreased ability to process sugars during pregnancy. It could be a new insulin resistance or the body’s inability to make enough insulin for the sugars eaten.

Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar can not only affect a baby, but also the mom. Sugar provides energy to grow. If there is too much sugar, the baby stores it as fat. This could not only complicate the delivery of the baby, but also increase mom’s risk for other complications such as pre-eclampsia. Once the baby is born, he or she is at risk for hypoglycemia.

Most places were mothers get prenatal care offer programs for management of gestational diabetes and these programs have virtual options and access to nurses and dietitians who can help manage this!

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