Amazing traditional Korean desserts at Olivia’s Cafe

We’re celebrating Korean Culture Week with some delicious food! If you’re craving something sweet, or want to try delicious Korean desserts, head on down to Olivia’s Café!

Sponsored by Olivia’s Café Ice Cream and Rice Cakes

Located next to the Don Quijote in Honolulu, Olivia’s Café has been serving up traditional Korean desserts for over 2 years. Olivia Chung, owner of Olivia’s Café, says that Korean desserts highlight the natural color and flavors of the dish. They use fresh, natural ingredients with no artificial coloring or flavors to create all their amazing desserts. Each recipe at Olivia’s Café is homemade by Oliva herself!

Olivia’s Café even has healthy deserts! Try their sweet rice with pine nuts, walnuts, chestnuts, black beans, and no added sugar. There’s also a savory rice desert with soy sauce, sesame oil, and pine nuts. Their Korean mochi platter is a must try for any type of celebration including parties, potlucks, or weddings. The platter includes a wide variety of mochi flavors and a small azuki bean cake in the middle.

Olivia’s Café also serves patbingsu, a traditional shaved ice desert in Korea. It’s light and fluffy texture is complimented with toppings like traditional mochi, azuki beans, and condensed milk. It’s the perfect desert to cool off during those hot, humid days!

So, if you’re in the mood for some amazing Korean desserts, head on down to Olivia’s Café at 801 Kaheka Street next to the Don Quijote!