Allison Izu introduces new fall collection

Local Fashion designer Allison Izu joins HI Now host Rachel Pacarro in studio to tell us more about her new fall collection!

Sponsored by Allison Izu

Allison Izu is celebrating their 13 year “Alliversary” with their new fall collection. The new line is fashionable, comfortable, and contains a darker colored pallet, perfect for the fall season. It includes Allison Izu’s original Amethyst color, as well as unique custom prints. “It’s a lot about the comfort of the fabric and how we create the design,” says Allison.

Allison Izu started when she decided to pivot her designs to accommodate people her height. “Things don’t look the same on us as shorter people, so I design a lot thinking about body types; it’s not just petite, but thinking about different body types, shapes, and sizes,” says Allison.

The new line is perfect for any business or casual occasion. Right now, Allison Izu is holding an online sale with HI Now! Go to and use the code HINOW15 to get 15% off any purchase!