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Aloha Gourmet Products sold at Longs Drugs give graduates away at school, mainland friends, or family a taste of home

Sponsored by Longs Drugs

Going away to college is an exciting time, but it can also be an adjustment, especially for Hawaii students studying on the mainland. Care packages with their favorite snacks gives them a taste of home. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is at Longs Drugs with Daren Lum, president of Aloha Gourmet Products, putting together sample packages with  some popular snacks to help remind love-ones away from the islands of home.

Aloha Gourmet Products has all your favorite local snacks, from dried fruit to candy, and rice crackers and crack seed, and you can find them at Longs! Put together a box of crack seed favorites like li hing mui, jumbo ume seed, or rock salt plum. Or if someone you know loves dried fruit, choose from li hing fruits, pineapple, mango, bananas or coconut. You’ll also find a variety of Japanese rice crackers from Aloha Gourmet Products, including different mixes of iso peanuts and arare. Don’t forget to throw in an extra packet of li hing powder!

Many of the local favorites Aloha Gourmet Products offers are packed here in the islands. Lum says the most popular items are within the seeds line: super sweet li hing mui and the premium mix arare.  Aloha Gourmet Products is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. Р5 p.m.

About Aloha Gourmet Products:
Aloha Gourmet Products, Inc. is a wholesaler, importer and distributor of national branded and local Hawaiian favorites such as li hing maui, dried fruits, trail mixes, arare, nuts, sesame crepes and more. The family-run business has been serving Hawaii for nearly 25 years and supports 40 to 50 hardworking and dedicated full-time employees. The company started in 1994 at craft fairs and food shows, but slowly developed into wholesaling and servicing of local retailers, supermarkets and convenience stores like CVS Longs Drugs, 7-eleven, etc.

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