Aloha Alarm home security systems imparts more than peace of mind

New technology provides people with protection and comfort

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When it comes to protecting your home, alarms and security systems are there for peace of mind. That’s why Aloha Alarm believes that having a home alarm shouldn’t be an afterthought. Think of it as an investment to protect what you have! HI Now host Jobeth Devera is getting a look at some smart home security systems that do more than offer protection.

Titus Napoleon, general manager of Aloha Alarm, says smart home security is a security system with an added bonus.

“The alarm systems can now control things such as your lights, your door locks, thermostats,” Napoleon says. “All sorts of bells and whistles and still have all the reassurance and protection of a home security and alarm system.”

Aloha Alarm is a local company and has been in the security business since 2012. It offers cameras, alarms, access controls and even fire protection. While many may think home security can be pricey, Napoleon explains that Aloha Alarm has options that are affordable, accessible, and easy to understand.

“We do everything from residential security home alarms to large commercial properties,” says Napoleon. “A lot of things can be customized. We go to individual homes and say ‘What would you want?’ and we design it from there.” Once you make a decision on what’s best for your home, Aloha Alarm can get it done right away.

When it comes to keeping up with the latest technology, Napoleon says it was crucial to be able to provide people with the option of controlling their alarm system from their phones.

“Now they can open their garage doors, make sure that the alarm is set, turn lights on and off, and actually create what we call ‘scenes,'” he says. “Scenes” can be preset to occur at certain times. This includes things like turning on a certain light, the coffee pot, or the air conditioning. “All that we can preset into their phone and the alarm system.”

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