Allison Izu on how to buy clothes as holiday gifts

Tips to get the right fit for your loved one!

Sponsored by Allison Izu

When it comes to giving clothes as gifts, finding the right fit for our friends and family can be tricky! That’s where local fashion designer Allison Izu can help. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is at her Ala Moana boutique getting some tips on how to shop for friends and still keep their gifts a surprise!

Izu designs for all women and wants to help each person look and feel their best. To do this, Izu uses the letters of her name – A L L I S O N – to create a universal system for body typing based on common body shapes. With that in mind, there are a few things you can do while shopping to help her styling team recommend pieces to gift:

Tip #1: Ask a stylist with a similar body type to try on clothes for you.
This will help you get an idea of how each piece might fit the person you are shopping for.

Tip #2: Bring a picture of the person you’re shopping for.
Bringing in a picture to show a stylist helps them shop for each person’s unique body type, and you can still keep their gift a surprise!

You won’t only find clothes to gift at Allison Izu. For plant lovers, check out the Momo Terrascape. It’s a succulent, so it’s low maintenance and brings a little life and color into the office or home. You’ll also find bags from Umbrella Collective. These leather bags are made in Oregon by a local Hawaii girl. It’s the perfect day bag to use everyday, but still cute and small, elevating any look.

Izu also holds Live Your Letter styling seminars to help people to understand their body types. The group styling events are a great way to get styled in a social setting with friends. Izu begins each event by hosting a discussion, then she and her styling team are on hand to give tips while you shop.

For more information:, FB: @AllisonIzuPetite, IG: @allisonizu