Allison Izu gets real on the key to designing for women of every body type

Designs are made in Hawaii

Sponsored by Allison Izu

Fashion designer Allison Izu designs for real women and all body types, and all her clothes are made right here in Hawaii. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is with the designer to talk about the process of how she makes her clothes and the products she uses.

“We make everything here locally in Hawaii here from start to finish,” Izu says, and it all starts with a sketch.

“When I sketch I’m thinking about fabrics and how the fabric lays on a body,” Izu explains. “Then we sew a sample and have a fit session, first is on me.” Izu says she lives in the outfit for a day and it gives her an idea of how it wears, feels, and fits. “I move constantly throughout the day, so it gives me a good understanding of how the style will perform.”

You can often tell a piece is by Allison Izu just by how soft and comfortable it is! For Izu, she says it’s all about giving customers a quality fabric that will last for a long time. “Take jersey knit for example,” she starts. “You can find jersey knit at any price point, but it’s not all the same quality of jersey knit.” She explains that a lower quality fabric affects the durability and fit of the piece. “We use a high quality jersey knit with more spandex because it lasts longer and has more comfort and stretch with less transparency.”

Izu says the brand is evolving to feature other high quality fabrics. Its new Ori Collection features a beautiful high quality linen blend.

To incorporate body types into the design of her signature styles, Izu often has two or three models wear the style to see how it fits on different people and gets feedback on what they like or don’t like. “This helps me determine: What are the needs of my customers?” Izu says. “When I create clothing, I think about the women wearing the clothing and the things they want to hide or accentuate.” She says her designs look clean and simple on the hanger, but when put on a body, it becomes very apparent the thoughtful design that goes into each style.

Want to learn about your body type? Izu often hosts group styling events to help her customers in a fun, social setting with friends. The events start with a discussion hosted by Izu, then she and her styling team stand by to give styling tips to help you shop. Head to for seminar for dates and times in July and RSVP. If you can’t make it to one of the free seminars, you’re always more than welcome to schedule a free, 30-minute private styling session with Izu’s team at a time that’s convenient for you.

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