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All Kine Grindz offers Habilitat residents on-the-job culinary training

Helping Hawaii residents get back on their feet for 40 years

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Habilitat is a non-profit organization that has been helping Hawaii residents get back on their feet for 40 years. One of its biggest generators of funding is its food service program All Kine Grindz. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is heading into the kitchen to see what the residents are cooking up.

“Habilitat is a long-term substance abuse treatment center for people who made some mistakes in life,” says Jayson Thompson, Habilitat’s fundraising overseer and event coordinator. He says the non-profit has not only been changing lives for decades, but also helps to reunite its residents with their families.

Habilitat is a live-in program for 30 months. It’s made up of three phases: treatment, re-entry, and post re-entry. After that, residents are considered graduates. However, for the next six months out of the program, they must continue to check in at Habilitat until they have a stable job and living situation.

“A lot of the revenue that Habilitat makes comes from our catering and food truck service, which is actually run by the residents through the workforce development program,” Thompson explains. It prepares and trains residents to be job ready and contributes to the non-profit’s scholarship fund.

Justin Worthington is the food service manager at Habilitat. He explains that the non-profit’s food service program is on-the-job training for the residents to provide them with skills they can take with them. “We start with basic knife skills,” Worthington says. Residents also deal with catering services while working at the non-profit’s food truck All Kine Grindz. “They get to learn how to plan ahead on a larger scale,” he says.

All Kine Grindz is avaialble to cater food at different locations and events around the island.

“Habilitat is so important for Hawaii and the world only because we actually hold 26.6 percent of all of the treatment that’s available in the state,” Thompson explains. The non-profit has a success rate of 64 percent, which is three times higher than the national average. “That speaks for itself.”

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