Adventist Health Castle highlights the importance of mammograms

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Many people have been impacted by breast cancer in some way. As October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HI Now host Kainoa Carlson caught up with the experts at Adventist Health Castle to talk about what women should continue doing to make sure they stay healthy.

“Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed whether it’s a mother, an aunty, or just a family friend,” says Mammography Technologist Jessica Mowry. “We see it all the time, and that’s why we need to be very aware. By getting your mammograms, we can catch it very quickly. Treatment options are a lot different now than they used to be.”

Mowry recommends getting your first mammogram at age 40 and then continuing to get one every year after. However, if you have immediate family history, she recommends having your first mammogram ten years prior to the age they were diagnosed. So if your aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40, you may want to consider getting a mammogram at age 30.

“As we get older, your chance of getting breast cancer actually increases,” Mowry explains. “That’s why it’s important to get your mammogram, go to your doctor and have your clinical exam, and do your monthly checks at home.”

Mowry’s mother was actually diagnosed with breast cancer in her 30’s.

“I know what it’s like to be on that side,” says Mowry. “We’re here to just help as much as we can, and I love my job. I really feel like it’s come full-circle for me.”

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