Add some comfort to your living space with Stressless chairs from INspiration Interiors

The perfect way to relax after a hard day at work

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When it comes to choosing a comfortable chair, you need to know you’re being supported in all the right places. At INspiration Interiors, you’ll find a wide selection of Stressless chairs, which are the ultimate in comfort. Stressless chairs were designed to release pressure points and meant to move with you to find the right fit for every body type.

Stressless has developed some of the most comfortable chairs on the market due to its chair construction. The secret to all that comfort? The sinuous spring that changes position as the chair moves, giving you great lumbar support. The benefits stretch across all age demographics!

“Back in the day, Stressless was known as your ‘daddy’s chair.’ It was that chair that was one your dad just kind of passed out in after a long day at work,” says Dan Malin, one of the sales professionals at INspiration. “Today, they’ve come a long way in the design and they’re very fashionable for younger generations.”

Stressless chairs now have new designs with dynamic bases, clean lines, and come in great, bold colors to really make a fashionable statement. The company is also one of the first to create a chair in three different sizes. This feature along with other details like the chair base, elevator rings and chair design help in matching the correct chair with each person.

About INspiration Interiors
In 1997 INspiration Interiors opened its doors and welcomed in the start of “Home Fashion with an Attitude.” From the start, INspiration’s furniture selections strived to be “quality driven instead of price driven.”

Satisfied customers have cheered their approval making INspiration Interiors the fastest growing furniture store in Hawaii. After years of searching, creative planning and inspired dreaming, INspiration Interiors welcomed Hawaii to the multi-level, 80,000 square foot fashion forward Honolulu Design Center in 2006. More than being the flagship home for INspiration Interiors, the Honolulu Design Center is also home for the award winning, fine dining Stage Restaurant; the popular, wine tasting, music loving Amuse Wine Bar; the WiFi meeting, health casual lunch spot Stage Café; and creatively stimulating venue Cupola Events Theatre.

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