Acupressure techniques to help relieve stress at home

Relieve stress and boost your immune system with these techniques

For a lot of people, right now is a very scary time. Many are under a lot of pressure, leaving them drained and stressed out. However, there’s a lot you can do from home to keep your peace. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is chatting with Dr. Kristen Coles, an acupuncturist from Steelsmith Natural Health Center, to talk about some acupressure techniques you can try.

Dr. Coles says that there is an entire system of acupressure which involves placing manual pressure on the acupuncture points to stimulate them and to create a similar effect as acupuncture.

“One of them is a point on your hand. Squeeze your thumb and your index figure together, and you locate the mound,” explains Dr. Coles. “Press right into that spot. It helps lower stress and it also boosts the immune system.”

Dr. Coles suggests looking out for another point on the wrist, between where your thumb attaches and where your wrist starts. There you go over a little bone.

“You can actually pinch this point up. It actually has to do with the lung and the respiratory system, but it also can stimulate the immune system in the respiratory system,” Dr. Coles explains. “Those points are very safe and can help a lot.”

Since there is a relationship between your ear, brain, and nervous system, Dr. Coles also recommends massaging points inside and along your ear.

“I like to say massage it to the point where it kind of hurts a little bit, and that’s going to activate your nervous system and help you relax,” Dr. Coles says. “When it comes to something like maybe headache or sinus pain, there’s a point right beyond the nares of your nose.”

She says this point it a great one to open up those maxillary sinuses. She also demonstrates another point near the edges of your eyebrows that you can press which helps with opening up the frontal sinuses and headaches.