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Activism, community service play key roles in learning at Le Jardin Academy

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Many students at Le Jardin Academy are passionate about the community and the environment. They are involved in many school-initiated projects, but also take the initiative to help the community on their own. The School’s Wild Kids Hawaii program recently hosted a Common Ground Summit that brings together high school students from throughout the world annually to discuss and help solve problems.

Madalyn Memmering, a senior at Le Jardin, has been involved with Wild Kids Hawaii since she was in middle school. “It’s taught me a lot about how I need to be an activist for my community,” Memmering said. Students involved in the outdoor leadership program take their younger peers, from kindergarten through ninth grade, into the forest behind the school to hike and explore, all the while teaching them the importance of taking care of the planet and a love of the earth.

Another senior at Le Jardin, Kennedy-Anne Marx, is also part of Wild Kids Hawaii. She explains that students in the program also plan the Common Grounds Summit, which brings students together to take part in service projects, action workshops and to learn about topics like sustainability. “Even if we all come from different backgrounds, we all have the same commonality that we all belong to this planet and we need to figure out how to live sustainably.”

“It allowed us to see the big problems that our generation is facing,” Memmering said about the Common Grounds Summit. “We are the next generation that has to deal with the plastic problem, climate change, and things like that.” Memmering believes that being part of programs like Wild Kids has made being involved in the community a huge part of her life. She explains that with community involvement comes a tighter-knit community with closer relations.

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