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7 of the best road trips in the U.S.

Road trips in the U.S.

Need a last-minute vacation? Get ready to rack up some miles on your car. Here are 7 of the best road trip routes.

You’ll drive for 469-miles and the road connects two national parks the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah.

This iconic road is no longer called Route 66, but the 9 main cities and scenery are still there like Tulsa, Amarillo, Santa Fe, and Flagstaff.

Visit many different southern cities and learn all about history, culture, and the beautiful charm it has to offer.

Ride this road for 653 miles along the ocean and see places like Malibu, Big Sur, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Short at 150 miles, but sweet due to the ocean views on both sides of the car. The Seven-Mile Bridge is just one out of 42 bridges you will cross on this road trip.

If you find yourself out in Maui, check out this incredibly scenic road trip that will take you through what will feel like a jungle and past beautifully high sea cliffs and black sand beaches.

There are many different routes to take with this byway, but if you are going downstream it can take you to many bourbon distilleries and it offers constant views of the river.