3D Innovations provides students with hands-on learning experience

A closer look at 3D pringint and product development

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3D printing has become a standard in product development, and now it’s at the forefront of STEM education. Today, it’s even providing students with a hands-on learning experience.

“One of the biggest benefits with 3D printing is it will allow you to easily be able to customize your part,” says Collin Kobayashi, president of 3D Innovations. Kobayashi hopes to show students the process of creating a 3D model, from building the design to printing the final product. He explains that the most common materials used are plastics, metals, and even foods like chocolate.

“About 10 years ago, we created these different STEM camps that would allow students to come in to see how we build parts, how we design things, and give them the chance to be able to create their own custom 3D design and 3D printed part that they can take home with them,” says Kobayashi. “It was a way to give them a chance to learn new skills and give them a glimpse of what they could be doing in the future.”

3D Academy STEM enrichment camps are a great introduction to STEM education, and no prior engineering classes or skills are required to attend. It starts with the fundamentals and helps students build upon those. STEM education teaches valuable life skills: problem solving, innovative thinking, teamwork, and organization skills to name a few.

Kobayashi says that while the 3D printing process gives students an in-depth view at how different products are built, it also gives them a chance to use different types of software tools and hardware tools to build parts.

“A lot of companies that are doing hardware product development are using 3D printing because it’s a lot faster and cheaper compared to other processes,” says Kobayashi.

If you have a student that would be interested in attending a 3D Academy STEM Enrichment camp, you’ll find camp details and registration information at 3d-innovations.com. If you have questions about our STEM camps, email info@3d-innovations.com

For more information: 3d-innovations.com, facebook.com/3DInnovationsLLC, youtube.com/user/3DInnovationsLLC, or Twitter: @3D_Innovations