The Great Crawl - Halloween

Sponsored by Kailua Events

HONOLULU (HI Now) - The Great Crawl takes place in Kailua on Saturday, October28! 11 Venues including: The Shack Kailua, Tap & Barrel, Boardriders, The Boardroom, The Kailua Town Pub, Sessions, Olomana Golf Club, Oeno Winery, Koolau Distillery, Mojitos and Manoa Chocolate.

Start the crawl where you want, or closest to home. GPS tracking app lets you know where the next trolley is. Relax and stay at your location as long as you wish knowing that there are multiple shuttles running 3 different routes to get you to where you want to go efficiently. Be safe and get a designated driver and park for free at Olomana Golf Club.

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