Food Program creating community connections to healthy behaviors and lifestyles

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Kainoa and Rachel are joined in the kitchen with Kaiulani and Kristen Odom from Kokua Kalihi Valley.

Kaiulani and Kristen feature several dishes that highlight the cultural carbohydrates of Polynesia, some of the healthiest carbs in our food system, that nourish us physically, mentally and spiritually. It also serves as a reminder of the reciprocal relationship we have with the land.

Kokua Kalihi Valleyʻs Roots Food Program was created in 2011, as a ʻāina-to-table initiative to address social determinants of health by using food to create community connections to healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Program objectives (Grow, Prepare, Share) strive to positively affect the Kalihi food system by increasing community access to quality culturally relevant foods, support small locally owned businesses and farmers, open opportunities to access land within the dense urban community of Kalihi and connect community to each other and their ancestral stories and practices through foods.

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