Chef Hui’s efforts on Maui (Part 1)

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Chef Hui’s mission is to create opportunities to connect the culinary world with their community through a strong network of local chefs and local co-produce. Although their mission is to provide opportunities for like-minded culinary professional sand educators to deepen their connection to farmers, ranchers, schools, community organizations and individuals working to build a more robust food system, they have also found a niche in working alongside communities during a time of crisis.

Chef Hui was founded in 2017 by Chef Mark Noguchi and wife Amanda Corby Noguchi as a way to deepen connections to our local food system through education and place-based learning but at the beginning of the pandemic, they transitioned the focus of this statewide grassroots effort to support much-needed feeding efforts in Hawaii. As the Maui fires devastated many of their hospitality friends, the group stepped up again to support feeding efforts.

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