Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority’s Kuleana Campaign continues to educate visitors

Sponsored by Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Sharing the dos and don’ts with visitors to the Hawaiian Islands is the goal of the Kuleana Campaign, which was first launched in 2019 through a partnership between the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority (HTA) and Hawaiʻi Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB).

Just as we have a kuleana (responsibility) to care for our people and place, we ask that visitors take pride in this effort as well.

Some of the messages include: swim, surf and snorkel only when a lifeguard is on duty and be aware of ocean conditions before entering the water. Be mindful of the impact plastics and sunscreens have on Hawaiʻi’s marine life and coral reefs. Thoroughly research legal vacation rentals online before booking to avoid scams. And respect nature by taking only photos as mementos and leaving only the lightest of footprints behind.

These messages are being distributed to visitors when they need to hear them most. Before they arrive on our islands, these videos are being played on several airlines. Once they arrive, visitors receive Kuleana messaging at the airports, on airport shuttles, in-room at their hotels as well as on social media and mobile devices via geo-targeting technology when visiting tourist hot spots.

HTA’s mission to Mālama Kuʻu Home, or care for our beloved home, continues on an individual and collective level, and it extends this call-to-action to visitors as well. The Kuleana Campaign is just one part of a multi-pronged approach to share the beauty and culture of Hawai’i while educating visitors on how to travel respectfully while visiting. To watch the Kuleana Travel Tips videos visit gohawaii.com/traveltips.