Water Wisdom Wednesday: Becoming a Part of the Water Cycle

Sponsored by Board of Water Supply

HONOLULU (HI Now) - The Red Hill water contamination was a disaster that could have been prevented. Many organizations and individuals joined with the Board of Water Supply to consistently express their concerns over the eight years, but no one really took it seriously at the time. Each and every Hawaii resident must protect water above all else. The effects of climate change and reduced rainfall are real and have real consequences as well, which adds more stress to the current crisis.

It is crucial for all of Hawaii to shift our thinking towards being water stewards: Helping to save water when it is abundant and distribute water when it is scarce. This shift will help Hawaii’s people survive the difficulties of the next several summers, but also better position our islands to handle the changes imposed by global warming!

The Board of Water Supply provides user-friendly tools to help residents, businesses and government agencies that are customers to sign up to receive personalized WaterSmart reports to assess their water usage. You can find out how much water you’re using and if your water use is decreasing. You can find more information at the Board of Water Supply website. https://www.boardofwatersupply.com/watersmart!