Water Wisdom Wednesday: The importance of water as a public trust resource

Sponsored by Board of Water Supply

HONOLULU (HI Now) - All of Oʻahu’s drinking water comes from underground sources called aquifers. Our kuleana with respect to water protection is grounded in our history, culture, and our laws. In Hawai’i, groundwater is part of a public trust. This means water cannot be owned by anyone; it is held in trust for the benefit of present and future generations. We take this so seriously that the public trust was enshrined as a part of Hawaiʻi’s constitution in 1978. Under the constitution, our local government is a trustee with the fiduciary duty, the legal kuleana, to proactively manage our water resources for generations to come. As beneficiaries, we play an important role in ensuring that our local government does itʻs job. So when our fresh water resources are threatened, it’s all of our kuleana to take action and make things right. Ola i ka wai!

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