How to keep your pets healthy through diet and exercise with VCA University Animal Hospital

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HONOLULU (HI Now) - Just like humans, animals also require proper diet and exercise to stay healthy and happy. HI Now host Rachel Pacarro stopped by VCA University Animal Hospital to learn more!

According to Dr. Luke Lee, studies have shown that 65% of dogs and 39% of cats are over weight. “We believe that the owners are not aware of their pets gaining weight, or are not taking them out enough to exercise,” he says. One way to identify if your animal is starting to gain weight is through Body Condition Scoring, a 1-9 scale that helps to determine fat content on animals. You want to easily feel the ribs without visibly seeing them, look for a nice tuck in the abdomen, and a proportional waist.

Once you’ve determined that your animal is over weight, you should start monitoring daily caloric intake and cut back on treats. You can also take your dog for longer walks or encourage your cat to play more with toys or laser pointers.

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