Hawaiian Electric works to reduce 70% of carbon emission by 2023

Sponsored by Hawaiian Electric

HONOLULU (HI Now) - For the last 10 years, Hawaiian Electric has been hard at work finding ways to decarbonize the transportation sector, which is responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emission. “We have a number of different initiatives that we’re working on, especially in the transportation sector,” says Director at Hawaiian Electric Aki Marceau. Initiatives include public charging and infrastructure development for electric vehicles and creative rates to incentivize charging during specific times of the day!

What’s more exciting is a recent filing proposed with the Public Utilities Commission centered around public charging. They hope to establish 75 fast charging sites across the state. Fast chargers are EV chargers located in publicly accessible areas that can fully charge your car in up to 20 minutes! Join the efforts to reduce carbon emissions by visiting www.chareuphi.com to drop a pin at public places you want to see fast charging sites at!

For more information: www.hawaiianelectric.com/products-and-services/electric-vehicles, Facebook @HawaiianElectric, Instagram @hawaiianelectric