VCA Family introduces first vet to specialize in emergency and critical care

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HONOLULU (HI Now) - Dr. Julie Pfeifer is VCA Family’s first veterinarian specializing in emergency and critical care. She’s here to talk about a common occurrence she sees on a daily basis, feline idiopathic cystitis.

FIC is inflammation of the bladder in cats. It is commonly seen in male and female cats who are younger and overweight. However, males are more susceptible to contracting the disease due to their longer and small diameter urethras. The cause of the disease is unknown, so Dr. Pfeifer suggests owners look for frequent trips to the litter box, abnormal vocalization, blood tinged urine, over grooming, or lack of urine production.

Urethral obstructions are a medical emergency, so have your cat evaluated immediately if you suspect they are not urinating.

Although the cause of the disease is unknown, Dr. Pfeifer says that increasing water in your cat’s diet appears to reduce the risk of occurrence.

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