Kupuna Wisdom: Mihana Souza shares how to live with aloha

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Mihana Souza says that it’s important to learn from those that come before you because of the experiences and the knowledge that they have. She also says that living on the islands is a true blessing, and that if you are unhappy, change your perspective and appreciate what’s around you.

Souza says her mother, Irmgard Farden Aluli, always had something to share with her. “One of her ways was ‘why not’, and that was one of her sayings. She was always open to doing many things we wouldn’t have done if not for my mother,” says Souza.

Souza has three important, easy to understand concepts that everyone should follow. “One, take care of the things that you have, and take care of the things that are around you. And two, be aware. And then three, act on what you are aware of, and love everything that you do.”

“So just live with aloha, share aloha, and be aloha”, she says.

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