Kupuna Achiever Paulette McLain shares story on overcoming four types of cancers

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Battling cancer is a rigorous and difficult process, both mentally and physically. Many cancer patients struggle to fight one type of cancer. Paulette had to fight off four types of cancers, and proudly says she got through the trial placed in her life.

The first cancer was in 1985 when Paulette was nearing the age of retirement. She was diagnosed with colon cancer and was told she needed surgery to remove it. “I decided that if I beat that after the surgery, I was going to retire and play with my husband, who was retired, and we’d go traveling all over the world, which we did,” says Paulette.

The second cancer was inflammatory breast cancer, a very serious and aggressive type of cancer. The doctors told Paulette that she couldn’t have surgery and was forced to do radiation and chemotherapy to treat it. She then developed a lump in her other breast. In 2005, Paulette underwent surgery and removed her left kidney due to a cancerous tumor. She was able to make a full recovery thereafter.

Paulette says she was able to successfully fight off all four different cancers because of her positive attitude. “It’s hard to do, but when your back is up against the wall, its amazing what your mind can do.” Paulette has had a long struggle with cancer but is happy to be healthy and able to spend time with her loved ones.