Keeping our Kupuna Safe: Arcadia Family of Companies Administers COVID-19 Vaccine

Sponsored by Arcadia Family of Companies

With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out across the state, getting our kupuna vaccinated has been a top priority for many people. Arcadia Family of Companies was among the first in line to receive the vaccine for both its residents and employees.

Arcadia Family of Companies worked hand-in-hand with the State Department of Health, federal partners, and the Health Care Association of Hawaii to prepare for the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We continued to do what we have been doing since the onset of the COVID pandemic – listen, communicate honestly and timely, be transparent, proactive, and follow the science and recommendations of the DOH, and our federal regulators and advisors,” says President & CEO Suzie Schulberg.

Arcadia Family of Companies Infection Preventionist Anna Gelino presented the facts and everyone was encouraged to take the vaccine.

“We partnered with Walgreens to administer the vaccines to our residents, members, and employees. Five vaccination clinics were held and almost 900 participants opted to take the vaccine,” says Schulberg. “90 percent of our residents and 70 percent of our employees took the shot.”

To those still considering the vaccine, Schulberg says listen to science and our medical professionals.

“The vaccine is not a cure but is definitely a weapon in our fight against the COVID pandemic,” she says. “The vaccine will move us closer to opening up our world, bringing us physically together, and allowing our kupuna to gather with their loved ones.”

Schulberg says we must not forget that there are tens of thousands of kupuna who will not be vaccinated immediately.

“They remain a priority and will be vaccinated in the coming months, but as a community we must continue to do our individual part in consistently and constantly practicing infection prevention measures such as face masking, physical distancing, hand washing, and avoiding large gatherings,” she says.

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