Arcadia Family of Companies on getting ahead of COVID-19

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For many businesses, navigating this pandemic has been quite the challenge. For some, it’s not a matter of if, but when, someone tests positive for COVID-19. This is why Arcadia Family of Companies is constantly planning for all circumstances and adjusting to the daily adversity that they face.

“From the start of COVID-19, we had to adjust the way we do business,” says Lisa Haneda, director of marketing at Arcadia Family of Companies. “We stopped allowing visitors into 15 Craigside and Arcadia in mid-March. This included in-person tours for people who were considering moving into one of our life plan communities.”

Haneda says its sales directors used to do 1-2 tours a day and that sharing its communities with in-person tours was critical because moving into a community is big change. Prospects need to be able to experience what Arcadia has to offer in order to decide what is best for them.

“We also had to plan for COVID coming into our communities,” she says. “Because we stopped allowing visitors, we knew our employees would bring COVID into our buildings.”

Haneda says they have had positive COVID cases that were quickly identified because of weekly interval testing of all direct care employees and monthly interval testing of the rest of the employees who do not provide direct care.

“The benefit to our interval testing is we were able to catch asymptomatic employees, isolate early and stop the spread at 15 Craigside and Arcadia,” she adds.

Anne Navarro, Arcadia’s director of sales, says they needed to be creative in accommodating prospects by replacing in-person tours with virtual ones. Prospects can now go to to view a tour of 15 Craigside and Arcadia.

“We also elevated our communication to our prospects by reaching out even more,” Navarro says. “We share our latest COVID updates, let prospects know what safety measures we have in place and what to expect upon move-in.”

Because of Arcadia’s contact updates and safety protocols, prospects have moved in and are scheduled to move in. To view virtual tours, go to and click on “Residences.”

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