Q&A With Chef Colin: Your Culinary Questions Answered!

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If you had a chef to help you cook in the kitchen, what questions would you ask? HI Now polled its social media audience, and these are the questions YOU wanted answered! Chef Colin Hazama is back in the HI Now kitchen to share some advice on how you can up your game while cooking at home.

Here are some of his answers:

What’s your go-to date night dinner at home?

“A good steak, finish it with a little mashed potato — or of course, us locals we like rice,” Hazama answers. “A nice seared ahi.”

What’s an easy salad dressing to make at home?

“Buy a dressing and then doctor up the dressing,” Hazama begins. “Emulsify it with some other type of flavoring with either some shallots or some chopped green onion, or spices. When you do your dressings or vinaigrettes, it’s always one part acid to three to four parts of oil ratio.”

The secret to making the fluffiest scrambled eggs?

“Put a touch of cream or sour cream and make sure that your heat is actually on medium,” he explains. “If you have it too low, it’ll stick to the pan. If it’s too high, it’ll bubble up and become tough and firm.”

What’s the best way to elevate the dishes you cook at home?

“Chilis or spices, or put in a lot of aromatics in there,” Hazama says. “A lot of fresh herbs, ginger, lemon grass, or spices because those are really going to help your cooking and sauces stand out.”

Ever wondered what a chef really eats at home? Well, HI Now host Kanoe Gibson got a special invitation to the home of Chef Colin Hazama to get a taste of some of his famous upscale local comfort food! He’s making Kamanu Fish Jun with Kim Chee Watercress Namul, Sesame Aromatic Tea Fried Rice, and Ginger Watercress Pesto. See him in action here!

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