Tasting award-winning 100% Kona coffee from Buddha’s Cup

Sponsored by Hawaii State Department of Agriculture

There’s just something different about coffee grown in Hawaii. That’s why the HI Now hosts are starting their weekend off right by trying some unique roasts from Buddha’s Cup on the Big Island.

Buddha’s Cup is a boutique family owned and operated coffee company. Buddha’s Cup was started in 2002, and over the years it has since expanded to include five brands on 100 acres of coffee. Its other brands include Imagine 100% Kona Coffee, Kona Kulana Farms, Kona Gold and Manny’s Brew. Buddha’s Cup also grows and sells teas along with macadamia nuts.

Buddha’s Cup is a biodynamic farm, which is a a holistic approach that treats the plants, soil and animals as interconnected. This increases the overall health of each. The team at Buddha’s Cup believes that if people grow food that’s happy and healthy, then the people that consume them will be too. Buddha’s Cup is located high on the slopes of Hualalai, bordering the Kahalu’u Forest Reserve. This gives the farm a very diverse environment.

Buddha’s Cup is also known as an innovator in the coffee industry. It is currently the only coffee producer to infuse the beans with a narrow band of UltraViolet Blue light. This enhances the flavor and feel of the coffee. It is the company’s way of putting the sunshine back in the bean! It has been highly successful and has recently earned the coffee farm gold medals at the AVPA awards in Paris and the Olymp Awards in Athens.

Buddha’s Cup welcomes the public to experiences its enchanted retreat and meet the ohana. There is a visitors center that is open for tasting by appointment. Tours are also offered, but are limited due to current health protocols.

To learn more about how you can get the Hawaii Seal of Quality on your products, get more information here: sealofquality.hawaii.gov

For more information: buddhascup.com