Arcadia implements automated wellness screening to protect kupuna

Sponsored by Arcadia Family of Companies

Kupuna are our most vulnerable population, which is why Arcadia Family of Companies is doing everything possible to keep them safe. Through the use of technology, all employees must now undergo an automated wellness screening before the start of each work day.

“Starting with the onset of COVID-19, we implemented daily wellness and temperature screenings at 15 Craigside, Arcadia, and the rest of the family of companies,” says Arcadia’s Michael Chong. “All employees were required to answer a wellness questionnaire and take a temperature check before entering our buildings.”

This initial wellness and temperature screening was a manual process that required a lot of personnel oversight. Employee screeners volunteered for one-hour shifts throughout the day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. These employee screeners made certain all employees and contractors completed a printed questionnaire and took their temperatures with a standard thermometer. The screeners then provided a daily sticker to all who passed the questionnaire and temperature checks. The daily stickers were worn to confirm the passing the screening process.

The manual process required employee personnel to man the screening station Monday through Friday for twelve hours while the reception desk provided screening oversight for the evening and overnight hours.

“We used a lot of paper to print the questionnaire — over 300 sheets were needed every day,” Chong says. “We had to scan and file each questionnaire. All surfaces were disinfected every hour by the employee screeners.”

Eventually, Arcadia transitioned to the automated wellness screening, a now contactless system. Research and reviews went into determining what system to use.

Employees and contractors use their smart phones to answer the questionnaire, and the questionnaire data is automatically stored. Temperatures are taken by facial screening on an electronic device, and the daily stickers are not distributed by the reception desk.

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