DK Restaurants offers ono take out options served with aloha

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Craving sushi? What about steak or Italian? As Hawaii restaurants begin to make changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DK Restaurants is bringing together its restaurant family to provide folks with a variety of take out options — all from the Vino kitchen at Waterfront Plaza.

DK Restaurants strives to serve really good food with aloha hospitality that offers quality for the money spent. This is the core value for all of its restaurants, which include Sansei, Vino and d.k Steak House.

“Now that the pandemic curve has flattened, we have all of our family of executive chefs, head sushi chef, and managers from Oahu all working together to safely and slowly start up our take out food service at Vino located at Waterfront plaza,” explains Chef and Owner DK Kodama.

From the operation at Waterfront Plaza, you’ll be able to pick up selected sushi favorites from Sansei and Vino and even delicious steaks from d.k Steak House. You can place an order online at and then head over to Vino to pick up your order at the restaurant. Or you can even request to pick it up curbside.

Each restaurant normally has specials for the day listed on the online menu. Planning a special occasion? You can even make an order in advance for pick up.

If you do plan to request curbside pick-up, know you’ll most likely be greeted by Chuck Furuya, Vino’s master sommelier. Not only will he be bringing out your order, with a face mask and gloves to keep everything contactless, but he’ll also be bringing his classic puns. Get ready for a laugh!

DK Restaurants is excited to reconnect with all its guests and appreciates seeing everyone come out to support local restaurants. So this weekend, don’t forget to place your order from Sansei, Vino, and d.k Steak House online!

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