Allison Izu on the perfect looks for “A” body types

Sponsored by Allison Izu

Tired of all the same old looks in your closet? It can be hard to find clothes that make you look good and feel good, but that’s where Allison Izu’s body typing system can help you “live your letter.” HI Now host Jobeth Devera is getting a lesson on how the designer dresses all types of bodies and how to make each of them look their best.

Izu’s method is based on the letters in her first name – A LL I S O N. Utilizing Izu Body Typing helps women choose the proper clothing to give them the best fit and feel possible, enabling women of all shapes and sizes to shop without facing the stigma of body issues that most women encounter in today’s society.

Today, Izu is diving deep on the A body type. A’s have narrower shoulders and fuller hips, just like the capital letter A. For someone with an A body type, it’s best to wear tops that finish at the widest point of the hips and to wear a wider top with a slim pant. For many people who have A body types, finding tops isn’t the issue. It can often be very challenging to find pants that fit properly! Izu’s Kiki Pant is the perfect solution.

“It’s a little more fitted. It’s good for an A body type because it kind of touches your hips,” she explains.

Many of the designer’s pieces can be styled in different ways for different looks, and each piece can also accentuate or hide certain areas depending on your own body type.

Visit the Allison Izu boutique in Ala Moana Center on level three near center court and someone from the styling team will get you fitted. If you want one-on-one attention, book a styling appointment online at While you’re there, don’t forget to RSVP for the next in-store Live Your Letter seminar!

For more information:, FB & IG: @allisonizupetite