Elevate your date night with cocktail and charcuterie kits from Square Barrels

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Just because you can’t dine out at your favorite restaurants for now doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun date night at home! That’s where Square Barrels comes in. The restaurant created several cocktail kits with easy to follow instructions which pairs perfectly with its beautiful Charcuterie Kit. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson and Kainoa Carlson are in the kitchen with a look at what’s inside the kits as they try their hands at bar-tending.

A great tip with charcuterie: There are no right or wrong ways to assemble your charcuterie board! When owner Thomas Ray was developing the Square Barrels board, he read about how charucterie, like all good cuisine, stemmed from poverty and famine. Peasants would collect whatever was available and place it on simple platter to divide among the family.

“For us at Square Barrels, we have taken that concept and created a beautiful dish,” Ray explains. “We focus on the distribution of color as well as the distribution of different flavors on the board. Each cook has their own interpretation on how they create the Square Barrels Charcuterie Board, but they understand that basic concept.”

So don’t be afraid, and get creative with your Charcuterie Kit! If you’re big on wine, you’ll also be excited to know that each kit also comes with a bottle of Prisoner wine from the Prisoner Wine Company.

“At Prisoner, they are master blenders and have sourced the fruit for Prisoner from over 80 different growers,” Ray says.

Prisoner is a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Charbono. The wine is luscious and velvety with aromas of cherry, dark chocolate, clove, and roasted fig. Its flavor is bold, yet balanced, with raspberries, boysenberry, pomegranate, and vanilla.

Call Square Barrels at (808) 524-2747 to order your charcuterie kit today!

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