Food-A-Go-Go: Find restaurants offering takeout and curbside pickup

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In order to help support local restaurants during these tough times, the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation is switching up its Localicious campaign. HI Now host Kaone Gibson is with Kelvin Ro, chef and owner at Diamond Head Market & Grill, to talk about Food-A-Go-Go. Wondering which of your favorite eateries are still open? Well, the restaurant is just one of many participating in the new campaign that’s offering more information on takeout options.

“It is giving an opportunity to the restaurateurs to showcase their takeout items during this time and giving the community a chance to support all these restaurants,” says Chef Ro.

Supermarkets and large food retailers have been overwhelmed with many people gathering and waiting in long lines for food. Food-A-Go-Go provides people with an option to support local restaurants while also feeding their families. Food-A-Go-Go is where you can find the latest information on restaurants statewide offering takeout, delivery or curbside pickup. It’s a free service offering lots of different options from fine dining to family restaurants to takeout operations.

“We encourage all restaurants in Hawaii to log on to the website and fill out the form, and it will give the community an idea of all their offerings,” Chef Ro explains. “It’s just a win-win for both, you know, the community and the restaurants.”

Diamond Head Market & Grill is still open normal hours and has breakfast, lunch, and dinner available for takeout on the grill side. On the market side, grab and go options are also still available — even its famous scones, prepackaged and ready for pick up!

“We’re really trying encourage the restaurateurs to be innovative during this time. I think it’s important that we stay ahead of the curve,” Chef Ro says.

Find out which restaurants around the state are offering takeout, delivery, or curbside pickup at